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Over 200 add-ons available our range are the products we know and support.

While new software is easier to use than in the past training for your staff provides that head start and consistent data entry.

Local support is import to our clients and we have one of the best reputations in the country.

Updates are for our client to keep their software up to date as well as hotfixes and FREE tools.

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Our team have been supporting CRM systems for more than 24 years.


Connecting you mobile device
This guide will help you work out what product is best for you and your environment. We have done the testing

ROI on your CRM investment
CAre you looking to compare various options before making your CRM ompare with previous versions of ACT!.

Before you choose your CRM system ask yourself the following 10 important questions.

Ask us about our 100% satisfaction guarantee

CRM to Grow your Business

Take your business to the next level today ...

don’t wait until tomorrow ... ACT! today and profit.

Companies of all sizes just like yours are always looking to find new innovative methods of maximising their client relationships. The other major reason is to keep growing from month-to-month and for year-on-year success.

Managing the customer relationship enables a business to identify the right customers, target them with the right offers at the right time. Deliver that information using the right channel to attract the attention of prospects and customers via an email campaign, direct mail, phone calls, trade shows, etc.

Ask us about our unique 100% satisfaction guarantee

With over 25 years experience our team would love to show you and your team how to achieve bigger profits for your business . . .

CRM software can enable your business to retain valuable information and then be able to use that information to increase sales, handle specific customer service issues, manage the sales pipeline and generally assist to increase the bottom line profits from 5 - 30%.

Just imagine being able to build your sales results based on the relationships you have built with your contacts. Knowing just when to follow up, producing quotes easily and timely communication.

When you choose a 4UCRM Consultant as your ACT! consultant, you can be certain that your CRM system will be installed by an experienced ACT! consultant. Over the years we have found some unique ways where our partnership assists your growth.

Experience counts ...

The choice of consultant often is an important component of ensuring your project has best chance of success. When you choose our team to be part of your project you are choosing a team who have been involved in more than 7,000 sites in nearly every business industry.

New User

Are you new to CRM. Find the best system for your business to achieve better productivity and greater sales results from your team.

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Existing User

If you have an existing CRM then this section is for you with links to maximise your productivity plus many Tips and Tricks

  • Add-ons to help you become more productive
  • Tips and Tricks for both ACT! and Windows.
  • FREE Windows Tools
  • Deals for Upgrades


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Launch directly to our support and update website to maximise your CRM investment. Get fast helpful support today.

  • Remote Support and links to get connected.
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Helping you turn more prospects into customers

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