Meet the Team

The team is made of a number of key people with various technology and business driven backgrounds. This allows you to leverage years of experience in a number of disciplines with regard to your solution.

Some of the key partners and internal specialists include:

PAUL5Paul Buchtmann

An award winning consultant for more 20 years Paul brings the knowledge of being involved in more than 7000 sites from both a range of industries and business sizes across the world. Originally trained as a mechanic he spent a number of years working for organisations involved in both a production and sales environments such as Bridgestone, Joyce Mayne, Radio Shack, SalesLogix, Dial A Dump to name but a  few both in Australia as well as a number of global operations.

He has been assisting businesses as a CRM Pioneer since the late 80’s growing a number of business partners by more than 31% year on year. This leads to increased bottom line profit so the solutions cost is dwarfed by the returns.

Paul continues to achieve even though he has had such a long involvement in this ever changing environment. He is recognised by his peers as one of the most practical and relevant technology consultant in the world today. Some of his awards include:

  • First international ACT! consultant in 1989
  • Australia and New Zealand partner 1992
  • Asia Pacific Presidents Club member 2000
  • Global Service award 2001
  • Customer Service award 2009

If you are looking for growth in your business then our team wants to hear from you so like thousands of other business owners you can benefit from our team expertise and knowledge.


As an accomplished and creative visionary, Shawn brings expertise in areas that include new business development, best of breed systems, real world solutions, time tested processes for growth, account retention/management and customer relations enhancement.

Shawn has successfully formed several departments from ground zero, integrated sales teams, streamlined direct telesales and developed a hybrid sales model, which quickly proved to be a viable revenue-generating tool for the company. His restructuring of one lead generation department increased lead flow by more than 500%.

During the “.com” implosion, while other companies were failing, his growth model delivered sales that were an unprecedented 53% above quota. Shawn’s experience was also integral in two highly successful pre-IPO companies, through the many stages of evolution from private ownership to public offerings.


An experienced process and procedures practitioner Rod brings stability and clear thinking to our client relationships. He is not a computer technical geek rather he likes to explain in a more concise simpler view.

Documentation is an area many business ventures leave unattended and this often leads to new staff adopting a different set of methods of how they achieve the result. Once a procedure has been documented then everyone should be able to follow to achieve the correct result expected by the business and it is often the little things that get left out which make all of the difference. Rod has the patience to bring all of these practices into a concise plan of action which in turn assist the business to identify the results more easily.

Helping you turn more prospects into Customers

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Helping you turn more prospects into customers

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