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Group Overview
This group is a democratically run organisation by its members to help meet their common needs and aspirations. In turn, the strength and commitment of our members is vital to help achieve our goals. Unlike a non-co-operative business, we are not controlled by shareholders or financial investors solely for the pursuit of profit.

We are a family of businesses that share the same co-operative way of doing things. To you our customers this means offering an excellent level of service and technical support from a range of partners across the globe. Each partner commits to dealing with their customers in a fair and honest way, and being committed to supporting communities both on their doorstep and beyond.

As a co-operative group each member is able to leverage on the distinct capabilities of the whole rather than being islands of information. In today’s busy technology world it is difficult to stay in touch with all developments, in a group environment we can each leverage others experience and this is then of benefit to you our customers.

Chairman Message
During 2012 our goal is to double in size. This will bring new business challenges associated with growth. If during this growth you feel that your consultant is not living up to your expectations then please use the feedback form to let us know.

It is only via great service, commitment to being responsive that we can become the best CRM consulting practice on the planet.

Mission Statement
The primary goal of the 4UCRM group is to assist our customers to grow and expand their business by helping them take control of customer acquisition.

Our products and services are intended to provide reliable service and be value for money. Our team research the most up to date technology so that you don’t have to waste a good deal of time and money finding the right tool to work for your business.

Group Background
The group idea began back in 1996. By 2001 one of the co-founders had developed a network of over 100 consultants through the global CRM fraternity.

Through changes in both personal and business circumstances the idea of building a group and the reality diminished until 2008. A chance meeting brought the founders together again. Since this time they have been working on putting together the basis of a long standing group that is fully committed to the benefits of its members. This includes building stronger relationships with suppliers and customers while at the same time providing a technical support resource second to none.

Helping you turn more prospects into Customers

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Helping you turn more prospects into customers

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