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You can download a trial of this product. This is a fully functioning version. Registration is via online form.

Pricing for ACT! copy to Outlook

Licensing is on a per user basis $34.95 per user or $79.95 installed and configured.
Discounts available for 3 or more users. Contact your consultant for ordering licenses.

Versions of ACT! this product works with

ACT! 2012 / 14
ACT! 2011 / 13
ACT! 2010 / 12
ACT! 2009 / 11

This add-in may work with older versions but has not been tested and is not supported by the vendor.

ACT! copy to Oulook wizard

Do you need your data in Outlook but not a two way link?

The most recent versions of ACT! have a two way sync between Outlook and ACT! although as others have mentioned this can cause many issues in your database so caution has been the preferred recommendation. If appointments come back into your database and are not cleared correctly you will spend many hours doing the cleanup.

The problem for a few is there is no mechanism for doing a one way copy. Occasionally, people only want to push contacts and calendars to Outlook and not have the Outlook data pushed back into ACT!.

This little tool is a simple one way push/copy of ACT! contacts and calendar data into Outlook. You have the option of sending all contacts or only those in a group. You can choose a broad date range for copying calendar data into Outlook.

When copying data, you have two choices: Refresh/Copy and Delete.

  • The Refresh/Copy will copy over data. If the data already exists, it will delete what is in Outlook and REFRESH the information.
  • Since this copy is destructive, ACT! contacts and calendar data in Outlook should not be updated. If it is updated, it will be replaced when the next copy occurs.
  • Contact fields that are copied into Outlook include the following: Contact name, address, city, state, zip, phones, email address. Notes and histories are not copied.
  • Calendar data includes meeting times and days. The meeting subject includes the name of the user.
  • The details section includes any detail information plus the address, phone number and email of the contact associated with the activity. This will enable smart dialing when using mobile phones.

Common questions

  • Contacts created in Outlook are not touched.
  • If the name exists in ACT! and also in Outlook, a duplicate contact will be created.
  • Calendar entries in Outlook are not touched.
  • This tool is not meant to be a sync of data - meaning data refreshes to and from ACT! and Outlook. This is meant to be a simple push of data into Outlook so calendar entries can be viewed by other departments and contacts and calendar information can be pushed to mobile devices such as cell or smart phones.

Before Installation make sure you have local administrator login rights


Support for this plugin is on a call and charge basis, there is no FREE support.

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