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21 Day trial Version
We can organise a trial version of the EXO link, you only pay for the installation time.

Pricing for MYOB EXO Link

Licensing is on a per user basis $256.00 per user from 1-11 users. $243.00 for 11+ users.

This pricing includes uppgrade assurance for the EXO link @ $43.00 per year per user.

Versions of ACT! this product works with

ACT! 2010 / 12
ACT! 2011 / 13
ACT! 2011 / 14

Compatible MYOB EXO versions



Accounting systems, like MYOB EXO, are not designed with the prospect or customer relationship as the primary focus. These larger accounting systems are built around primary business and inventory activities.

Integration of MYOB EXO with a CRM such as ACT - the world's #1 customer and contact manager gives organisations a place to store their entire customer and contact data in one centralised location, including activities, documents, opportunities, and communication history. From this one system organisations are now able to manage and keep track all of the people the business deals with be it Customer, Prospect or Suppliers.

ACT has over 2.8 million users and 59,000 corporate customers, and with 23 years in refinement has a proven track record of delivering a level of sophistication to contact management that rivals start-up CRM systems. Both ACT and MYOB EXO are based on SQL, an industrial strength database backends, and are capable of growing with your organisations ever changing requirements. ACT! is highly flexible so you can get it working the way your business does - not the other way around.

Sage ACT is now integrated with MYOB EXO, providing important sales data and functionality to both front line and administrative staff - LIVE. No synchronisation, no delays. The benefits: no more duplication of data and better workflow, without the added paper work - plus not to mention the fact that your employees will be armed with all the information they need to assist your customers and prospects.


  • Import existing MYOB EXO debtor contacts into ACT!
  • Link one or multiple ACT! contacts to a debtor contact in MYOB EXO
  • Create debtor accounts and debtor contacts from within ACT!
  • Update debtor contact details from ACT!
  • View quotes, orders, invoices and payments from ACT!
  • Raise and edit quotes from ACT!
  • The MYOB EXO integration with ACT! is continuously evolving to meet the specific needs of its users. We consider all feedback about how this product can be improved and will continue to add functionality incrementally throughout the life of the product.

Screens Shots

The following screen shots will help you understand the link even further. Open Screen Shots in new window.

Product Roadmap

While the EXO link is a fairly new recent development from Xactsoftware there is already a roadmap for phases 2 and 3 of the product to further enhance your business connectivity.

    Phase 3

    • Integration with ACT! Opportunities
    • Account summary statistics
    • User access model

    Phase 3

    • Full access to transactional process
    • Reporting functionality

download1Turn your business processes into profit by linking systems within your business.

This‘fronttoback office integration’amalgamates customer information (datasets) and brings together disconnected processes – such as the quoteto-order and order-to-cashcycle. It’s the first ever link for ACT! and MYOB that allows for the creation of quotes, orders and invoices direct from ACT! – creating a complete and accessible customer history for all staff to use.

This link will see ACT! and MYOB EXO users reaping the benefits of a fully integrated CRM application, enabling them to:

  • Manage customer relationships more effectively
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase profitability
  • Achieve competitive advantage

Helping you turn more prospects into Customers

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Helping you turn more prospects into customers

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