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Requires Excel 2000 or higher compatible with Office 2007 and 201o.

Pricing for Advanced Excel Templates

Licensing based on named ACT! users at $59.95 per user.

Versions of ACT! this product works with

ACT! 2000 / 4
ACT! 2004 / 6
ACT! 2005 / 7
ACT! 2006 / 8
ACT! 2007 / 9
ACT! 2008 / 10
ACT! 2009 / 11
ACT! 2010 / 12
ACT! 2011 / 13
ACT! 2011 / 14

Advanced Lookup by Group

Advanced Lookup by Groups is a must for group users. It allows you to create contact lookups based on group membership. You may create cross-section of groups, combine groups together, create lookups of contacts belonging to one or more groups but not to other group(s).

With its simple drag-and-drop interface, you just have to drag groups to either an Include or an Exclude list and click OK.

Convenient preset Lookups
Lookup by Groups allows you to have a number of preset lookups which quickly allow you to:

    ■ Create a lookup of groupless contacts
    ■ Create a lookup of contacts belonging to at least a group
    ■ Create a lookup of contacts belonging to more than one group
    ■ Reverse the current lookup

Time saving report and lookup combined function
Advanced Lookup by Groups also features 2 report-lookup functions for:

    ■ The contacts belonging to a parent group but not to any subgroups of the parent
    ■ The contacts belonging to a subgroup without belonging to the parent group.

If you consider that a contact who belongs to a group which has subgroups has to be included in at least one of the subgroups or that a contact who belongs to a subgroup should belong to the parent group of the subgroup, these functions are ideal for you.

They will first create a list in notepad giving you the contact information and the relevant group information (like the subgroup it belongs to and the group it should belong to). Then it will conveniently create a lookup of these contacts so that you can fix the situation.

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