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The software for this add-on is FREE you only need to decide if you need more than 30 forms per month and then purchase a subscription to suit your requirements.

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Pricing for Webforms ACT! plug-in

Subscription based pricing

FREE subscription option allows you to import 30 form results per 30 days.

To waive the import restriction, please consider one of the following subscriptions:

$149.00 for installation and configuration to your database.

Versions of ACT! this product works with

ACT! 2012 / 14
ACT! 2011 / 13

This add-in may work with older versions but has not been tested and is not supported by the vendor.

Webforms from Exponenciel put data directly into ACT!

Create Web forms in seconds and import form results directly into Sage ACT!

  • You can create Web forms in seconds
  • You don't need a Web site to host the forms
  • You are notified directly from within Sage ACT! when there are form results to import
  • You import form results directly into Sage ACT! with a single click

You just click a button on your ACT! toolbar and all available form results are imported in one operation.

Import data into the following tables

Not only are you able to import into the Contacts table but also

  • order_nowContacts
  • Companies
  • Groups
  • Opportunities
  • Custom table records

Subscription Pricing per month

1 Month


3 Months

$41.95 Save 14%

6 Months

$35.95 Save 28%

12 Months

$29.95 Save 40%

Billing is for selected period in a single transaction

NOTE: Subscriptions are not refundable and renewal is not automatic. The add-on will display a warning message when your renewal date approaches.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The following should answer most of your questions about this unique add-on.

Q. May I create as many forms as I want in as many databases as I want?
A. You may create as many forms as you want for a maximum of 2 databases.

Q. I reached the 2-database allowance and I don't use one of my databases anymore, how can I create a form for a 3rd database?
A. Delete all the forms attached to the database you don't use anymore. This will decrease your database count to 1 and you'll be able to create forms for your 3rd database.

Q. Is the connection between Sage ACT! and your server secure?
A. Yes. It uses a 256-bit encryption certificate. Same for the connection between the form and the server.

Q. How long are my form results stored on the AutomaticWebForms server?
A. 30 days. After 30 days, all form results are deleted.

Q. I have deleted the form results that I imported into ACT!. Can I reimport them?
A. Yes. The add-on keeps track of your import sessions of the last 30 days under Import>Reset import data. You can view all imported records as stored on the server and easily make any one of them available for download again.

Q. Can I create a form with multiple pages?
A. Yes, see the Multiple pages button in the last screen of the form wizard.

Q. Why would I use the hidden field option?
A. The hidden field option works with the Default value option. If you hide a field and give it a default value in your Web form, this value will automatically be imported into ACT! with every form result. As an example, hide the ID/Status field and set the default value to "Prospect" if you want all your imported records to show "Prospect" in the ID/Status field.

Q. Can I make a text field import into Sage ACT! as a note?
A. Yes, in the list of fields, select ACT! Note and whatever the form user enters in this field will import as a note.


Support for this plugin is on a call and charge basis, there is no FREE support.

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