Web Prospect


30 Day trial Version
You can download a 14 day trial of this product. This is a fully functioning version.

Requires SMTP email account details.

Pricing for Web Prospect

Licensing based on number of active users in your database.

Starting at $259.00 for up to 4 users.
From 5 - 9 users $495.00
From 9 - 29 user $895.00

Contact us if you have more users.

Versions of ACT! this product works with

ACT! 2004 / 6
ACT! 2005 / 7
ACT! 2006 / 8
ACT! 2007 / 9
ACT! 2008 / 10
ACT! 2009 / 11
ACT! 2010 / 12
ACT! 2011 / 13
ACT! 2011 / 14

Import web leads into database

Web Prospect reads the mail you receive from your Web site forms and creates contacts in ACT!, saving you hours of re-typing.

You simply define which Web fields correspond to which ACT! fields. Web Prospect can also be set up to enter related data from the Web into ACT! Notes -- for example , products the customer is interested in, or where they saw your ad.

Web Prospect can read E-Mail directly from an Outlook folder, or it can download its own E-Mail directly using a separate POP account.

Features of Web Prospect
You have built your website to drive leads to your database. Web Prospect will process these and automatically create the record or update existing records.

  • Reads input from Outlook folder or a separate POP mailbox
  • Creates new contact, or merges if Duplicate found
  • Supports FrontPage "Send to" Form data
  • Map any Web field to any ACT! field or Notes/History
  • Can be setup for complete "hands off" operation
  • ACT! does not need to be running - Web Prospect writes directly to the ACT! database via supported interface

Software Benefits
You have better things to do than retype the email leads from your website. Web Prospect can handle hundres of new leads per month so you can focus on building a better website to attract even more customers.

  • Automate your Web-to-ACT! link!
  • No more retyping of contact data received from the Web. No more typos!
  • Faster and more accurate than by hand.

No Templates
Web Prospect is not an template based system. It reads the field names on your web form data and understands what to do with each field. Because of this, you do not have to buy a more expensive version to get multiple form support. You also don't have to keep track of which registrations come from which web forms.

Integrates with Sales Automation Manager (SAM)  - Sales Automation Manager which is a powerful and flexible campaign automation system for ACT!. We can show you how to set up Web Prospect so that new contacts are automatically launched in a campaign when added to ACT!.

Helping you turn more prospects into Customers

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Helping you turn more prospects into customers

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