Is Spam email costing productivity


August 2010


Spam Email costs productivity

  • According to MessageLabs (part of Symantec) 89% of email being spam, and news spam making up a big proportion of this threat, your organisation needs to ensure it has effective protection in place.

Unsolicited email, or ‘spam’, is the most common internet-borne threat facing your organisation. One of the main tactics employed by spammers is the use of ‘news spam’ – emails pretending to offer information on breaking news stories or big events.

News spam may be distributed in mass runs or targeted at a much more restricted hit-list. When directed at a general audience, it usually falls into three categories: celebrity-related spam, disasterrelated spam and spam capitalising on high-profile events such as Valentine’s Day. Targeted news spam, on the other hand, tends to focus on niche stories more directly relevant to its victims.

MessageLabs Security is one organisation that offers highly accurate spam identification and blocking capabilities, even against threats from new and unknown sources including those concealing dangerous malware.

Here is the news – spam currently accounts for nine out of every ten emails.

Every day, nearly 200 billion unsolicited emails are fired at inboxes around the world.

There’s no escaping the reality. Spam is a global cyber-plague on a phenomenal scale.

Even if it’s deleted without being opened, spam costs businesses money. Employee efficiency is eroded, bandwidth is wasted and productivity suffers. But the impact can be vastly more serious if the recipient bites at the bait.

Opening the message may set in train a chain of events leading to the theft of critical data, compromised machines or some other business-crippling outcome.

Current forms of spam fall into the following categories:

  • Celebrity spam takes advantage of our obsession with the lives (and deaths) of the rich and famous, as reflected in so many newspapers, magazines and websites today.
  • Disaster spam seizes on natural or manmade catastrophes that inevitably command enormous interest and countless column inches whenever they occur.
  • Calendar spam ties in with annual holidays and feast days, national/international celebrations and other landmarks in the cycle of the year.

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