7 ways to get your message to go viral


June 2010


Is your message getting out there? ... get it to go viral from your social media accounts.

When you have a message to distribute there are many ways

  • Email to your contacts
  • Update your social media accounts on a regular basis
  • Create a blog and email to your lists with a link
  • Use twitter with though provoking headlines.

The major reason to make a statement in business is to attract more customers. Often you can use current relevant topics to attract more attention to your message. Here are some topics in June of 2010 that might be of assistance in creating your message to increase your hit count.

  1. Create a title hook - Talk about the “Underdog countries make a hit at the WorldCup” or “Tiger silences his critics at Pebble Beach” or even “Handling your PR better than BP”
  2. Build momentum to your messages. In Facebook get loyal fans, friends to like and comment on your posts about topical events.
  3. Find creative ways to involve your audience in returning to your website. The NBA use their facebook page to involve the fans in regular comment with questions like “Who is your favourite MVP in finals history?” We’ll repost the favourite responses.
  4. Make a list of Themes that you can regularly discuss “Simplicity in Making Money” or Going Green” is currently very topical. By writing down some themes you can use will increase your count if you strike a chord with your followers.
  5. Post Consistently. in order to keep adding fans you need to consistently post and make sure that your posts engage your fans.
  6. Respond to critics. At times you may have a your own critics. One thing that can be hurt your credibility is to not reply. The other worst event is to lash out at a critic. Measure your response and remain positive at all times even acknowledge the point being made by the critic.
  7. Twitter responses can be controversial. Most people get tired of responders who always agree with the point of view. If you think the poster is incorrect then say so although given the number of characters you might need to post a response with a link to expand on your thoughts, this gets you more clicks to your blog or website you may visit other parts of your website.

There are really no right or wrong methods of getting your message out. It was once said “All publicity is good” although most of us want it to always be positive.

Helping you turn more prospects into Customers

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Helping you turn more prospects into customers

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