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Finding the right CRM system for you business?

The internet abounds with articles which both assist and confuse your software decisions. Like you we see many of these articles and some of the following may assist your decision process. This is one reason why we do offer multiple solutions to our clients, everyone is different and we will always endeavour to help find the best solution for your business.

Sage ACT!

act_premium2012_lfRenowned for its high end-user adoption and easy-to-use interface, Sage ACT! offers a cost-effective solution for your business which can be implemented quickly and is easy-to-maintain. 

The system is flexible and can be configured for both in-house or hosted solution.

Effectively manage a your contacts so that all of your people have access to the same resource. This also allows your team to:

  • Access and manage contact information.
  • Create and Track sales opportunities.
  • Manage team calendars and follow ups.
  • Report on sales activities and contact history.
  • Mail Merge and record documents to contacts.
  • Create company and group views.

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Wired Contact

wiredcontact_logoWiredContact Enterprise delivers powerful online and mobile "cloud computing" CRM capabilities to help your team manage sales activities to build lasting business relationships.

  • Instantly find, track and share valuable customer and prospect information
  • Real-time updates using your browser on any PC, MAC, Blackberry, iPhone or other web-enabled device.

This system has unparalleled customisation, integration and flexibility options. With its clean interface, WiredContact Enterprise delivers robust and practical capabilities with familiar web point-and-click navigation.

Your team can be working in tandem from anywhere in no time at all.

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More than one product speciality ...

At 4UCRM we have been involved in the CRM business since 1988. During this time we have seen over 200 products come and go from the marketplace.

The products we have chosen to sell and support offer both good ROI, and on-going customer support.

Before choosing the product best for your business we generally conduct an interview with you to look at the specifics you require.

You should check with the FAQ pages to help you more clearly define what are the key elements required by your project.

Ongoing Support

If we are involved in the implementation of your system we are then able to offer you a support package of your choice and one that best suits your enviroment.

  1. Yearly Phone Support.
    • Single Fee includes all calls for 12 month period
  2. Free Email support.
    • Email support is provided to all users
  3. Web based knowledge articles.
    • Links to knowledge base articles

Product choice is good although culture choice often makes all the difference ...

Every business has a unique culture and this is what sets you apart. What our team will endeavour to achieve is a balance between the culture of your business and the technology interface. We always suggest that before choosing a product make sure that you do your homework.

The investment in a CRM system can be the difference between a -10% or +25% increase in both turnover and bottom line profit. We have seen many well meaning projects run over budget by 2,3, or even 4 times the initial estimate. Make sure you know what you are getting for your money and the timeframe it will be delivered within.

If you make the right choice your staff will be more productive, your team will turn more sales opportunities into bottom line profits and they will be happier to work in your workplace. If you jump into the first good sounding deal some of the outcomes our team have seen are just scary.

We want happy customers and this is why we will give you all the options, tell you straight up what might be required to achieve the result you want, in the timeframe required and the best estimate of the investment required. Match all these to your budget and help you achieve an outstanding result.

Helping you turn more prospects into Customers

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Helping you turn more prospects into customers

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