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August 2010

Is E-mail killing your marketing

E-mail delivery can make or break your e-mail marketing campaign. After all, your subscribers can't click on messages that they never see.

More and more we are seeing mail servers are blocking emails based on many new factors these days. ISP providers are becoming much fancier at detecting spam and maybe your e-mails are in that category, although this may not be your fault.

We have found many of the internet only mail service providers actually have very poor delivery rates. The biggest problem is how do you know if your e-mails are getting through to your subscribers. One method is to begin testing using an alternative service.

Other possible causes of your e-mails not getting to the intended recipient include:

  • Keywords
  • Commonly used subject lines
  • Listed mail servers
  • Blocked images

After a great deal of research we have found very few online services offer any sort of deliverability guarantee. In fact a number of the ones we have investigated make all sorts of excuses why your e-mails are not being delivered. One of the problems with many of the good providers do not link with ACT!. One company we have found Lyris have many services to measure your deliverability.

Why is this important? One of our clients was sending 20,000 e-mails per month via Swiftpage and on average they were getting a large rejection rate, more than 10%. Some months it got as high as 17%. we did some further testing and found that the problem was the online service, not the quality of the e-mail addresses.

If you wan to find out how this can impact your e-mail campaigns the 9 page download E-mail Design No-No’s Guide for Non-Designers may assist get better results from your campaigns. Some of the topics include:

The Top Ten Things Both Marketers and Designers Need to Know:

  1. Don’t give up on graphics, but know that many of your recipients just won’t see them.
  2. Alt tag copy is an art.
  3. Make sure your graphics don’t depress response.
  4. Make sure the reading pane contains a call-to-action, not just graphics.
  5. Use your subject lines, sender name and “From” address to their best advantage.
  6. Know what pre-headers and snippet text are and how to use them as response-oriented tools.
  7. Web-like navigation is a poor idea in today’s mobile e-mail environment.
  8. Know what to do about Outlook 2007, Gmail and Cascading Style Sheets.
  9. It is vital to test your e-mail with different email clients for rendering differences.
  10. How to find the best resources for e-mail design and implementation.

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