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What are your CRM Goals

CRM Goals and Outcomes

What goals are you trying to achieve?

The first relationship with a customer occurs during the sales and marketing cycle. Most businesses would regard this when the your "customer" is first a "prospect". During the sales process, all information gathered about the prospect and the ongoing communication would generally then be recorded in the CRM database. Once the sale moves to the process of becoming an order they are then entered into the Accounting system.

  • So is one of your goals to integrate all of these processes or will they remain independent?

Are you loosing customers through lack of follow up and ongoing communication? Do you want to be able to retain many more of these customers to to purchase additional products and services from your organisation? Is your product or service one that is a “one off” or has a long “life cycle”?

  • So is one of your goals to develop a system to achieve a higher customer retention rate?

Do you run multi marketing campaigns that are disjointed and shotgun approach? Would you like to be able to have more focused campaigns and target your prospects and customers more closely aligned with their goals?

  • So is one of your goals to achieve better response to your campaigns?

Have you set yourself a budget?

CRM systems range in price from a few hundred dollars to thousands per user. Some have a low up front cost and then the trailing fees often double over time. Before you begin it is advised that you know the costs upfront and then extend these over a 2-3 period.

You should expect that this will then give you a guide figure from $60 - $80 per month per user.

From here you can then look at what is the budget you have set and see how this compares to the products you have placed in your shortlist.

Are key staff involved in the decision process?

For an implementation to be successful you will need to have some of your key staff involved in the process. Your key staff will help drive the project and have a key input to the success.

Some questions you should put to your staff before the project begins are:

  • How will this impact their current roles?
  • What are their expectations?

Have you made a list of functional indicators that you want included in your project?

Planning and listing the key indicators for your project is one of the key steps to success. It may be that you are happy to have a first steps and then second phase. Make sure that this is clear to your team beforehand.

These could include:

Phase 1

  • Data Entry
  • Call Reporting
  • Mail Merge
  • Existing customer follow-up

Phase 2

  • Email Marketing
  • Remote Offices
  • Automation with existing systems and website

Do you have a plan for your test and production rollouts?

Once you have planned and decided on which system you are going to move forward with it is a good planning strategy to do a test run to make sure you are actually getting what you expect. At this point get as many of your team involved so you are able to iron out any miscommunication issues.

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