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The unofficial ACT! / Outlook interface the complete guide

Who This Guide is For? This guide was written both for recently new ACT! users who have a general understanding of the basics as well as experienced ACT! users who may not be aware of the full capabilities of integration between Outlook and ACT!

This 28 page guide covers all areas of integration and best practices.

Why Integrate ACT! With Outlook?

This is a very simple answer as it allows you to manage your contacts and calendar in a single system while allowing you to use an industry standard e-mail client to perform all of the e-mail related functions.

The key benefits are straightforward:

  • You get to use a reliable, full-featured e-mail client that is used by millions
  • You don’t need to manage a separate contact list inside of Outlook
  • You can keep records of sent e-mails within your ACT! database, right next to other communication history like phone call and meeting details
  • Integrated functionality allows you to create contacts and activities directly from e-mail messages.
  • Learn how to manage the attachment functions to best benefit your business.

Sample Pages
The following examples will give you some insight into the power of this guide.

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Helping you turn more prospects into customers

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